Multi-Use Trail Rehabilitation Project

Updated: 5/28/24

Project Overview

The Multi-Use Trail Rehabilitation Project originated from a District-wide assessment of TCPUD’s 23 mile multi-use trail network. The assessment resulted in identification and prioritization of portions of the trail network to be rehabilitated to improve safety and to address pavement conditions.

The North Shore Trail Rehabilitation Project (Project) was prioritized as the first phase for construction due to its existing condition, high use, and for sequencing with the planned Caltrans Highway 28 construction project. The Project includes safety enhancements such as painting driveway crossings and installing additional signage; pavement restoration including patching, sealing, and repaving; and select areas of trail realignment to enhance the safety of intersection crossings.

Construction is scheduled to begin on June 10th and will be completed this fall. The trail will remain open during construction. Detours will be provided so trail users can safely navigate around the active construction area.



Thank you to Placer County and NTCA for funding this project as part of the TOT-TBID program.


Environmental Improvement Program

The Multi-Use Trail Rehabilitation Project is part of the Lake Tahoe Environmental Improvement Program (EIP) in the sustainable recreation and transportation focus area. Visit the  EIP Project Page for more information.

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For more information, please contact:
Celeste Havener
Associate Civil Engineer