Home Sale, Property Transfers and Escrow

Buying or Selling a home in the district?  Here’s what you need to know.


Pre-Sale Sewer Inspection

When selling a home within the TCPUD District boundaries, it is the owner’s responsibility to perform a sewer pressure test on the existing sewer lateral.  The property cannot close escrow without a sewer pressure test within the last 5 years. To determine if a current test has been performed on the property, contact the Technical Services Department at (530) 580-6281.  If an escrow sewer air test is needed, the customer shall hire a licensed contractor to perform the test.  TCPUD will witness and sign off on a passed test.  If the sewer air test fails, the customer will be required to fix the problem before the property can be sold.   


When purchasing a home within the TCPUD’s boundaries, water and sewer services are not interrupted upon a change of ownership.  TCPUD works with escrow companies to determine and collect final charges.   The title company will pro-rate the balance for the most current billing between the buyer and seller.  If a title company does not request a final demand, the seller will be responsible for the final bill.  The property will be updated with the new owner’s name when a Grant Deed and any payment(s) owed are received.  Please send Demands or post-sale Grant Deeds to: accounting@tcpud.org.

Please note that title companies outside of the North Tahoe area are not always familiar with these requirements. If you are using a title company from outside the local area  make sure they have requested final paperwork from TCPUD ahead of closing. Initial inquiries can be made to accounting@tcpud.org.

Title Company Information and Requirements

Please send Demands to: accounting@tcpud.org. We require a two day notice prior to the close of escrow to obtain a Final Meter Read (if applicable) and finalize any pending paperwork.  The property will be updated with the new owner’s name when a Grant Deed and any payment(s) owed are received.