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Water Rate Calculator 

Paying Your Bill

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Paying Your Water and Sewer Bill


2019 Rate Study (5-Year)

Learn more about the 5-year Water and Sewer Rate Study (2019 Rate Study) initiated by the TCPUD Board of Directors to establish an equitable and cost-based water and sewer rate structure and ensure sufficient revenues are available to fund water and sewer operations and capital infrastructure needs throughout the TCPUD service area. 

2019 Water and Sewer Rate Study


2023 Rate Study Infrastructure Improvement Charge

Learn more about the Rate Study that will determine an Infrastructure Improvement Charge specific to water customers served by the Tahoe Cedars and Madden Creek water systems (formerly owned by Mid-Sierra Water Utility).

2023 Rate Study Infrastructure Improvement Charge 


2024 Water and Sewer Rates

As part of the annual budget adoption process completed every November, the TCPUD Board of Directors approves sewer and water rates for the next calendar year. The new sewer and water rates go into effect each January 1. 

2024 Water Service Rates

2024 Sewer Service Rates