Madden Creek Water System Reconstruction Project

Updated: 10/31/2023


Project Overview

In January 2018, the TCPUD acquired Mid-Sierra Water Utility (Tahoe Cedars and Madden Creek water systems) and began operating both systems. Since the acquisition, the TCPUD Board of Directors has dedicated significant time towards understanding how to invest in and improve drinking water reliability and fire suppression capabilities within the Madden Creek water system. Initially, the TCPUD identified a high-priority need for a backup water supply and installed an interconnection between Madden Creek to the TCPUD’s McKinney-Quail water system. 


In February 2021, the TCPUD Board of Directors adopted a comprehensive Madden Creek Water System Master Plan, which recommended full replacement of the existing system. The full reconstruction project is a multi-phased project due to its size and complexity. The Project is currently estimated to cost $9.5 million. Funding sources for this project will include water rates, property tax revenue, the Infrastructure Improvement Charge, and potential grants. 


Planned Improvements:

  • Replace 3.5 miles of water mains.
  • Replace 124 water service lines.
  • Install 32 new fire hydrants (52 total).
  • New water meters for all connections.

Project benefits include the delivery of secure and reliable drinking water and improved fire protection within the water system service area.


Project Status

Design and permitting for Phase 3 are underway. 


Completed Improvements:

  • Installed an emergency Interconnection between the Madden Creek water system and the adjacent TCPUD McKinney Quail water system to provide a critical backup water supply.
  • Replaced water mains and service lateral lines in the southern portion of the system to improve water distribution and installed fire hydrants and water meters.


Madden Creek Reconstruction Project Funding Partners

Funding for this project has been provided in part by Placer County Water Agency and the State Department of Water Resources through the "Water Quality, Supply, and Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2014."


Questions? Or to update your contact information: Please email info@tcpud or call 530-583-3796.